Sunday, October 6, 2013

Exercise Yourself Happy!

This week it has been tough for me to motivate myself to go and do my workouts. There comes a time where life gets in the way, you are extremely busy, and you just don't feel like exercising. Funnily enough, this is usually a time where exercising can be most beneficial to you. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios, all of which I have experienced at least once, and which I am sure most of you can relate to.

Scenario 1: Emotional Roller-Coaster

We all have been in a situation where we are either just unhappy with our partner, generally heartbroken, or sick of single life. In that case, we curl up in bed, watch a bad TV show and eat ice cream. Usually I am a defender of the 'Ice-Cream-Makes-Everything-Better-Movement', but recently I have found that exercising and healthy, delicious food lift up my mood and self-confidence a lot more. This week I have been feeling a little down, and when I went to the gym on Wednesday to complete my workout and meet a friend to do Crossfit, I really wasn't feeling it. After the first set of Crossfit I gave up and said I couldn't exercise because of my bad mood. My friend then offered me to do pad work - and it was the best thing that could have happened to me! For about 30 minutes I was hitting and punching and sweating, and got rid of all my sadness, anger and frustration. I felt relieved. It was an exhausting workout, and when I came home I knew I accomplished another step towards my dream body. If you are feeling depressed about relationships or you are unhappy with yourself, go and let off steam during your workouts. Really get those bikes spinning, or push yourself at the free-weights gym. You will not only feel better, but look better!

Scenario 2: Work Work Work

At first this seems counter intuitive. You have so much work that your whole day is planned out, and then I am telling you to make time for the gym? Yes! Take out an hour of your day, put on those sexy pants and work your butt off! Especially during cardio, you can let your mind wander, and let go all together. It is just you and the Crosstrainer. It is just you and the waves in the pool. It is just you and your running shoes (you might want to put on more clothes than that - people tend to stare). During exercising, Endorphins are released in your body, which make you happy and will increase your enthusiasm for going back to work. Sweating can be seen as an analogy for bad thoughts and stress leaving your body. After completing a tough workout you feel like you can conquer the world. However, for me personally, the most important part of working out is devoting time to myself. Whilst I am sweating away at the gym, I can really think about my life and what is going on at the moment - I can develop my schedule, come up with a new business idea, or just weigh the pros and cons of a decision I have to make. So in the end, you devoted an hour of your time to clearing up your head and making space for enthusiasm and motivation for the rest of the day!

Scenario 3: Hello? Anybody out there?

Have you ever felt like you don't want to hang out with your friends, because you have spent so much time with them lately? Do you want to try out something different, and meet new people? Are you wondering where all the attractive men (even if you're just looking) hide during the day? Try out the gym! The gym is a meeting place for like-minded people - interested in fitness, health and nutrition. Find a workout buddy, or just chat to the other members and trainers. It is a social place, and you will be surprised how many people from vastly different backgrounds you will meet. Recently, I stopped listening to music during my workouts, and instead made friends with the trainers at my gym. My workouts are so much more enjoyable now, because I usually have people to chat to (but don't lose focus) and someone who can give me a hand if I need it. Exercising together can also be a good way to improve and renew old friendships - have some deep and meaningful conversation with your best friend whilst walking along the local river or climbing the mountain next to your house. Invite a new friend to go on a bike tour and enjoy a delicious picnic in the sun. There are many ways to make your workout not only fun, but sociable.

I know getting into exercising and starting a healthy lifestyle can be daunting at first. You might think that it can't help improving your happiness, or that you don't have time, or that you will be the only one out there 'suffering'. But I promise you, that is not true. I started exercising and looking after my nutrition about a year ago, and the changes have been massive. I am not only happier with the way I look, but I am a more balanced person in general. Of course you don't have to do all that by yourself. It is hard to know where to start, and then stick to it once you have to make sacrifices for your health. That is why the ProFitnessPlans Team is here for you. We will stick with you throughout the entire process of turning around your life, and accompany you along your path to health and fitness. Our personalized exercise and nutrition plans can help you to get started, and our experienced and certified trainers will make sure you stay motivated and focused. We are here whenever you need our help. If you are interested in an online account, Register free at

So what should you take from this post? Exercising is therapy - with guaranteed results!

Anna Buchmann
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