Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Keys to Selecting Your Perfect Trainer

Not all trainers are created equal. I've seen the great, good, bad and UGLY.  The unfortunate part is clients simply don't know - that's why you are there to get fitness help from a supposed "fitness professional".  So how do you sort out the trash and find your gem? There are important key areas to understand and address before you invest a dime in "the best personal trainer".

Area #1:  Trainer Credentials & Education

states have any federal regulations to become a personal trainer.  That means if you have a pulse and a check book you can sign up for "Crazy Lou's Expert Training Certification" (CLET-CPT
) and 2 hours later you can call yourself a "Certified Personal Trainer" -- assuming your check doesn't bounce.  So how do you know what those letters mean?  Should you even care?

YES! YES! YES!  You will never know every certification but know the accredited, industry standard, research proven ones


Before you invest in a trainer, make sure they have SOMETHING verifiable that they are educated to help you.

National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) Home Page
"NCCA is an independent nongovernmental agency that accredits professional fitness certifications in a variety of professions. NCCA reviews the certification organization's procedures, protocols and operations and determines if the certification properly discriminates between those who are qualified and those who are not qualified to be awarded the respective credential." 

Governments Database of Accredited Universities & Colleges Look for trainers holding degrees from accredited universities in the fitness and health field such as, "Exercise Science", "Health Science", "Kinesiology", "Biomechanics" etc.Save the hassle now avoid inefficient, result-less, dangerous plans (short and/or long term) designed by unqualified individuals.

A final note, there are always exceptions to the rule.  Holding an accredited degree or credential doesn't automatically mean someone's good trainer.  However fitness professionals serious about their careers almost always hold multiple.

Mike Davis  CSCS, NASM-CPT & GFS
[email protected]

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