Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Ultimate Post Workout Drink

Just finish a great workout?  Don't waste it here's a list of things to put in that shake:

  1. 30 grams of Whey Protein
  2. 10 grams a slow digesting protein -- Milk (if lactose intolerant try a Casein supplement)
  3. 20 grams Fructose (i.e. Honey)
  4. 100 grams Sucrose (i.e. Table Sugar)
  5. 20 oz of Water
Why do you want these?
  1. Whey Protein as it's one of the fastest digesting proteins
  2. Casein Protein - to provide a continuous source of recovery well after your workouts over.  Studies have shown increased hypertrophy (muscle growth) by stacking these two post workout.
  3. Fructose - Since fructose has different carriers than glucose, delivery of protein and therefore recovery and muscle growth has shown to increase when taken as part of a post workout drink.
  4. Sucrose - Simple sugars as you muscles are starving - refined sugars post workout spike your insulin allowing maximum delivery of protein.
  5. Water - to help deliver it all.
The portions can be lowered based on gender and goals.  Women looking to tone up can cut each in 1/2.  Whereas men looking to put on muscle can follow as posted (depending on size).  DRINK UP!

Mike Davis  CSCS, NASM-CPT & GFS
[email protected]

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